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Air Conditioning

With our Tuna Garage air conditioning maintenance, you can enjoy a high level of security and comfort so that you do not end up with unpleasant surprises and costs at the wrong time. 

Why air conditioning maintenance at Tuna Garage, Keyworth? 

Air conditioning control including odour treatment 

Special monitoring and maintenance system 

Dirty stale air in your car will be an issue of the past due to our special Air Condition treatment! 

Air conditioning maintenance at Tuna Garage 

Most people have air conditioning in their cars. A car air conditioning is comfortable, in summer the air conditioning keeps your car cool, and in winter it prevents fogged windows. An air conditioning can be used in all seasons. Contrary to what most people think, the installation is not only intended to lower the interior temperature but primarily to condition the air. By this, we mean next to the temperature control, also the regulation of the air humidity. 

A high humidity reveals itself through a stuffy and uncomfortable feeling. Moreover, this can result in fogged windows, which does not exactly benefit safety. With a switched on air conditioning you do not suffer from this. This can always be used in combination with the heating so that you can set the desired temperature yourself. This gives you the opportunity to choose cold, dry air in the summer and heated, dry air in the winter. 

What is covered by air conditioning maintenance? 

Air conditioning service or air conditioning maintenance is very important. The proper functioning and also the prevention of expensive repairs is ensured by a good service followup system. This service must be carried out professionally by specially trained technicians. Tuna Garage offers its customers an air conditioning service plan, consisting of the following maintenance and inspection visits: 



Special antibacterial/antifungal treatment (disinfection) 

Air conditioning control 

The following points are checked during an inspection: 

The functioning of the air conditioning 

Testing of the capacity of the necessary pressures 

Check the air outflow temperature 

Visually check for leaks and condition of (flexible) pipes 

Checking system protections, air inlet, condensate drainage and electrical connections in the engine compartment 

Air conditioning maintenance 

Our team will look at the following points during the air conditioning maintenance: 

Recovering or recycling the air conditioning 


Test pressure 

Leak tests and (re) filling 

Replacing the filter/dryer if necessary 

On request, we can carry out a disinfection treatment during maintenance or inspection. So that you can enjoy a fresh interior in addition to a well-functioning air conditioning system. 

Disinfecting treatment 

Many motorists complain about the musty smell that the air conditioning spreads. This smell is caused by bacteria and fungi that settle in the evaporator. A special treatment is required for a fresh interior. With this treatment, the technician cleans the evaporator and treats it preventively so there will be no more unpleasant smells - and even more important, no more harmful bacteria, fungi etc. can get into your airways. 

Inquire about the options for your car at your Tuna Garage in Keyworth. 

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