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Intact brakes are of major importance in a vehicle. If the brakes are not working properly, it can quickly lead to dangerous situations.

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Brakes - Keyworth - Tuna Garage

  • Use of high-quality spare parts and fluids in original equipment manufacturer quality
  • Your car warranty will stay intact as our team works to manufacturer's specifications
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Brakes should be regularly checked and serviced:

Brake pads

The brake pads act on the brake disc and wear off over time. They should always be replaced by the axle, as this is the only way to ensure a uniform braking effect. After changing, the vehicle comes on the brake tester to ensure optimum braking performance.

Brake discs

Like the brake pads, the brake discs also wear over time. The result is deep grooves in the brake discs which have an adverse effect on braking. We, therefore, check the brake discs for their mass and replace them if necessary.

Brake fluid

The brake fluid quality and level are unfortunately often neglected. However, it serves to transmit the braking force. When brake fluid combines with moisture (as it already is in the air), water forms in the brake fluid. The water becomes gaseous by heating and bubbles are created in the liquid, preventing an optimal transfer of the force. The ageing of the brake fluid caused by water can lead to total failure of the brakes. Therefore, the brake fluid should be changed every two years and checked regularly. As part of our service check, we, therefore, check the brake fluid at each workshop visit and, if necessary, replace the brake fluid for you.

If you have any issues with your brake system or any questions you would like to ask our experts, please get in touch.

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