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V-belts and Cam belts or Timing belts are among the essential components in the engine compartment. Due to the continuous power transmission, both belts wear out and should, therefore, be checked regularly and replaced if necessary to prevent significant damage. 

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As part of our service check, we also check the condition of your Timing belt/ Cam belt and the V-belt 

 Cambelt/Timing belt replacement 

The timing belt or, regarding the technical correctness, the Cambelt synchronises crankshaft and camshaft, which in turn ensure that the valves are properly opened and closed. In order for the engine to run smoothly and accurately, the timing must be precisely matched. Since large motors are even dependent on two or even more toothed belts, the problem of this wearing part is obvious: If the toothed belt fails its service, the engine can be seriously damaged.  

How long does the timing belt last? 

Depending on the vehicle and production, timing belts have different lifespans. Mostly a change after around 60000 miles is advised. The most important principle is: Be sure to follow the recommendations in the owner's manual of the vehicle to be on the safe side. In addition, as part of our service check, we also check compliance with the replacement interval of the belts. 

V-belt facts and V-belt replacement 

The V-belt is also a component of power transmission. In a car, V-belts are used to drive ancillaries (e.g. alternator or compressor for air conditioning). This means, of course, that the belt or belts must transmit forces immediately after the engine starts, which leads to a certain amount of wear. In addition, a V-belt is also subject to a large thermal load. During operation, it can get very hot due to friction. 

Only when the V-belt slips and squeaks, most motorists recognise the wear. So it can happen that the alternator stops working and the charging indicator light on the dashboard lights up. In any case, the V-belt should be replaced as soon as the driver has detected the wear. During an inspection, our experienced mechanics will also determine if the V-belt is still intact. 

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