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Caravan Tyres

Safe on vacation 

Holiday checks show again and again that the tyres of caravans receive insufficient attention. Choosing the right tyres is very important due to the heavy load they have to carry and relatively little use. 

Increase your safety and enjoy your holidays with peace of mind 

Caravan Tyres - Keyworth - Tuna Garage 

Always check your tyre pressure. Replace your tyres and your tubeless valves on time 

Come along for a Tuna Garage Caravan tyre check 

Give your caravan tyres enough attention 

Owners of caravans, folding trailers and mobile homes are often not aware of the massive task the tyres have compared to the tyres under a car. Caravan or trailer tyres are often exposed to a large (over) load and insufficient tyre pressure. Wear is greater despite the lower mileage, so these tyres need to be replaced much sooner. During the storage period, some parts are still worn without being used. 

In particular, the tyres often have to endure extra hard times. The caravan, trailer tent and mobile home are in the same place for months, so that a small part of the tyre has to carry the full weight for a long time. Our experts at Tuna Garage advise replacing the tyres after six years, even if they still look good. The tubeless valves must be replaced, as they may start leaking or become porous over time. 

Tyre pressure 

In order to reduce fuel consumption and tyre wear, right tyre pressure is very important. Too low tyre pressure leads to loss of load capacity and can also lead to a burst tyre due to an excessively high tyre temperature.  

Caravan tyre check 

Tuna Garage always checks the load capacity, the tyre pressure and the profile of the tyres during a Caravan tyre check. We also look carefully at age-related symptoms and dehydration of your tyres. 

If you need new tyres for your Caravan, we can help you. 

We have many different brands and sizes available. 

You can either look at our website to order new tyres or simply come to see us at our modern, fully equipped workshop in Keyworth. 

Our team will be happy to help you. 

See you soon.