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Clutch replacement in Keyworth - Tuna Garage

If your vehicle's clutch is causing you problems and it needs replacing you have come to the right place at Tuna Garage

We can replace your car's clutch cheaply and fast.

But how do you know whether the clutch plates are worn?

  • Slipping clutch.
  • More speed but does your car not accelerate?
  • The clutch pedal is "high" or "at the end".
  • Changing gears is getting more and more difficult
  • Gearbox is "cracking".
  • Burning smells - your clutch is probably burnt, and the clutch plates will also need to be replaced.

Then there is a good chance that your link needs to be replaced. At Tuna Garage, you are at the right address for this.

You can come to see us at our workshop on Keyworth's Mainstreet without an appointment for a diagnosis.

Why do I have to replace my clutch plates?

The clutch is an important part. It is the connection between the engine and the gearbox. The clutch plate is a mechanical connection between the flywheel, which is located on the engine side, and an axle that is connected to the gearbox. All parts in between are part of the coupling and are subject to wear. We then talk about the clutch plate, the pressure group and the clutch bearing.

How does the clutch work?

A pressure group is mounted on the flywheel on the engine and clamps the clutch plate between the pressure group and the flywheel so that it gets stuck. The clutch is now unattended and the engine transfers the power via the clutch to the gearbox. If the clutch pedal is pressed, the pressure group freely moves backwards and releases the clutch plate so that it can rotate freely. The power of the engine is not transferred now and now the gearbox can be operated. As soon as the clutch pedal is released again, it clamps the plate again. On the clutch plate is a liner that is resistant to high temperatures and that limits the wear of the flywheel and pressure group. If this lining is worn, the plate will have to be replaced.

Because the load on a clutch depends on the operation, there is no fixed time for the replacement. With intensive use, fast driving, traffic jams, doing a lot of city miles, a clutch needs replacing sooner than when the car makes a lot of miles on motorways. This also applies to the parts that operate the clutch.

Please don't worry. Working on/replacing the clutch is a normal maintenance procedure. It does not need to be done very often, and it does not cost a fortune. The prices depend on the vehicle make and age. We at Tuna Garage will be happy to give you a non-obligatory estimate so you can decide whether you want us to go ahead looking after your vehicle.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.