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Exhaust Service

Exhaust & Catalyst Service

Quiet and environmentally friendly on the road with the correct exhaust system, catalytic converter and mufflers.

The exhaust system with exhaust and catalyst is exposed to wear and should, therefore, be checked regularly. Mufflers form the end of the exhaust system and give your vehicle the right "sound".

Expert advice and repair by Tuna Garage in Keyworth

  • Retrofitting of catalytic converters and particle filters.
  • We make sure your car warranty stays intact as we work strictly by manufacturer's specifications
  • Renewal of individual parts or the entire exhaust system (replacement of components is certainly of OE quality)
  • Professional disposal of the old exhaust system parts
  • "Exhaust Tuning": Consultation and installation of rear silencers & sport silencers

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Exhaust system - Keyworth - Tuna Garage

Damage to the exhaust

The exhaust system may be damaged by external influences, e.g. a "hit" when driving through a pothole etc. or during an accident. Condensation in the exhaust can also cause rust or rust holes. The latter is not uncommon in older vehicles. At the latest when the exhaust sounds louder than usual, a workshop should be visited.

Catalyst for environmentally friendly exhaust gases

In the exhaust system, the catalyst is also included. It ensures optimal and ecologically friendly cleaning of the exhaust gases. In diesel vehicles, a particulate filter is also integrated, which reduces soot particles. During the exhaust emission test, the condition of these parts is checked. If defects have been detected, Tuna Garage can help you.

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