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Performance Tyres

The perfect tyres for Sporty cars - Tuna Garage 

The advanced and powerful systems of sports cars require tyres that keep the car under control, without loss of performance, comfort or safety. 

Benefits of Performance- or Ultra-high Performance tyres 

They have a long service life due to wear-resistant material 

They offer excellent performance under all kinds of extreme conditions 

You do not lose anything in terms of performance, safety and comfort 

They are ideal for comfortable and sophisticated cars 

Performance Tyres - Keyworth - Tuna Garage 

Sports tyres for grip and comfort 

Sports tyres are ideal for comfortable and advanced cars. Because these cars are often faster and heavier, but also have many electronic systems for safety and comfort, Tuna Garage in Keyworth offers Performance and Ultra-high Performance tyres from different brands. High-performance sports tyres ensure optimal grip and perfect road holding under all conditions. Optimum control and high comfort are then also assured with these sports tires. 

Ultra-high Performance tyres 

We not only have a wide range of Performance tyres but also offer a lot of Ultra-high Performance tyres. This allows you to utilise the high performance of your car thoroughly. The ultra-high Performance tyres have higher speed ratings, wider profiles and lower ratios, resulting in maximum driving ability. 

You can easily find and order your Performance/Ultra-high Performance tyres online on our Tuna Garage website. 

With your order, you can also book a fitting appointment at our modern, fully equipped workshop. We always have convenient appointments available for our customers. 

If you have any questions or need some expert advice, please contact us.  

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