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Run Flat Tyres

Run-flats at the best price can be purchased at Tuna Garage in Keyworth 

“Rft” tyres ensure that your car remains optimally steerable when the air pressure of the tyre is lost.  

Search for tyres via our Tuna Garage tyre search module. 

Why buy run-flat tyres at Tuna Garage? 

With run-flats, you can cover at least another 50 miles (with a maximum speed of 50 mph) when your tyre is damaged. 

The car remains well controllable and carrying a spare tyre is unnecessary. 

This makes it much easier to get to our Tuna garage workshop, without having to change the flat tyre along the way.  

More and more run-flat tyres are being fitted to new cars. 

Tyre pressure system with run-flat tyres 

Designers of new models do not have to take into account the space occupied by a spare tire. Cars with run-flat tyres have to have a tyre pressure system fitted - otherwise you would not notice a damaged tyre and would just keep on driving...  

The moment that one of the tyres loses air pressure, the driver is warned on the dashboard through a signal. Once you have a warning showing on your dashboard, you should come to your Tuna Garage workshop ASAP for reliable advice and excellent service. 

We have Run-flats available as winter tyres, summer tyres and all-season tyres from all major brands and for every budget. 

Run-flat tyres - Keyworth - Tuna Garage!