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Summer Tyres

Summer tyres - Keyworth - Tuna Garage 

Enjoy the summer! 

Is your car ready for the summer? Feel free to come along for a summer check; we will check your car on all important points so you can fully enjoy the summer! 

Benefits of summer tyres 

Shorter braking distance than winter tyres at temperatures above 7 ° C 

Better grip than winter tyres at temperatures above 7 ° C 

Better road handling than winter tyres at temperatures above 7 ° C 

Safe on the road with the correct tyre pressure 

Summer tyres in the right season 

Summer tyres play a crucial role in your safety. After all, tyres are the only contact with the road surface. That is why good summer tyres are a requirement for safe and comfortable driving. We, therefore, advise you to drive with the right tyres in every season. 

When should you change to summer tyres? 

With temperatures above 7 ° C change, you should swap your winter tyres for summer tyres. At higher temperatures, the rubber of a winter tyre becomes softer, so the braking distance becomes longer. At a temperature of 15 degrees and a speed of 30 mph, the braking distance is about 20% longer with winter tyres than with summer tyres. The warmer it gets, the greater the difference. 

The profile of a summer tyre is also more focused on the drainage of water, in order to maintain optimal grip during heavy rainfall, while the slats of a winter tyre also guide the discharge of snow. 

Buy summer tyres in Keyworth. 

Buy your summer tyres easily online in our Tuna Garage web shop. You can search for the right tyres based on your required tyre size. Just have a look at your current tyres, so that you can be sure that the new tyres fit. The tyre size is clearly visible on the sidewalls of the tyres. If you are not sure whether the tyres you have are really the right size (especially if you have recently bought a used vehicle), please have a look at your car's registration documents (V5). 

On our website, you can find many different tyre brands for every budget.  

For personal help and advice, you are also always welcome to call us or see us directly in our workshop in Keyworth. 

Tyre change 

If you still have winter tyres and you want to schedule a tyre change, you can also easily do this online. We always advise to make an appointment for the busiest changeover period. This way you avoid long waiting times, and you will be helped quickly. Change takes about 30 minutes to an hour. In the meantime, why not take a seat in our comfortable waiting area, relax and have a cuppa... 

Tyre tips for the summer 

Check your tyre pressure regularly 

Save fuel and increase your safety with the right tyres 

Check that your car is properly aligned (please have a look at the information page on our website) 

Summer tyres are top quality 

Over the past decades, the quality of tyres has risen continuously, thanks to the application of new technologies and innovative production methods. 

The rolling resistance is reduced, which results in lower fuel consumption. 

The noise level has dropped. 

The wear of the tyres is greatly reduced. Tyres will last longer. 

The comfort has increased considerably. 

The steering behaviour of the car has improved. 

So, if you are looking to buy new summer tyres for your vehicle, you know where to look. 

Summer tyres- Keyworth - Tuna Garage