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Suspension & Shock Absorbers

The shock absorbers of a vehicle should be checked regularly because the wear is usually unnoticed and has negative effects on the braking distance and driving stability. 

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As part of our service checks, we also examine the suspension for possible damage 

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Suspension & Shock absorbers - Keyworth - Tuna Garage 

Shock absorbers 

As with most parts in a vehicle, wear does not stop at shock absorbers. This becomes particularly clear when the vehicle "swings" in the case of unevenness or the steering appears "spongy", and the braking distance is extended. But even an unevenly worn tyre can be a sign of a worn shock absorber. 

The wear of shock absorbers is a creeping process. Especially because the driver's perception and steering habits get used to the wearing shock absorbers, it is often difficult to determine when the shock absorbers are worn out. Therefore, the driver is often aware only when he/she drives another vehicle or when another person sits behind the steering wheel of the shock absorber damaged car. 

As a rule, shock absorbers should be regularly checked from a mileage of around 35000 miles, because shock absorbers are parts of the chassis and ensure comfortable and safe driving only in perfect condition. In addition, the effect of ESP and ABS is significantly affected by worn shock absorbers. Instead of providing greater stability and a shorter braking distance, worn shock absorbers have the opposite effect: ESP and ABS extend the braking distance. 

Landing gear 

For us as car mechanics and tyre dealers, the suspension is one of our core competencies. So we can optimise the chassis for you. The installation of sports suspension is also part of our area of ‚Äč‚Äčcompetence.  

Dou you have the feeling, there might be something wrong with your vehicle's suspension or simply want to get the suspension and shock absorbers checked? 

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