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Tyre Tread

Many motorists are still underestimating the importance of a proper tyre tread. 

The tyres are the only direct connection between the road surface and the vehicle - so they are important! 

So your vehicle's tyres should be checked for damage and wear regularly and changed on time when worn. 

The legal minimum tread depth 

By law, the minimum tread depth of a tyre must not be less than 1.6 mm. Experts, including us at Tuna Garage have a different opinion though... 

What is the ideal tread depth? 

The minimum tread depth of summer tyres 

Tuna Garage (like most other tyre experts) recommends replacing your summer tyres if the tread depth is less than 3 mm. 

Minimum tread depth of winter tyres 

Tuna Garage recommends replacing your winter tyres if the tread depth is less than 4 mm.  

It is all about your safety. 

Just imagine, how would you feel going outside on a cold, rainy day with badly worn shoes, would you slip? Would you feel unsafe and uncomfortable? More likely yes.  

Braking distance  

The biggest danger is the combination of worn tyres with slippery/ wet/icy roads. The braking distance quickly increases during rain and the danger of aquaplaning increases with worn tyres. 

How do I know my tyres tread depth? 

Normally the tread depth is measured with special profile depth gauges (available at most car accessories shops). Also, indicators inside the tread by the tyre manufacturer mark the minimum tread depth of 1.6 millimetres - if these markings are visible, the tyres should be replaced as soon as possible. Anyone who wants to check tyres at home without any special device can also do so with a simple trick: Even an ordinary 1-Pound coin can be converted into a profile depth gauge. 


It works like this: The new 1 Pound coin has a golden border. This is 3 millimetres wide. If you stick a coin in the middle of the tyre profile and the golden edge is no longer visible, you can drive with the tyres with peace of mind - the tread depth is still more than 3 millimetres. If the golden edge of the 1-Pound-coin extends beyond the profile, it will soon be time for a tyre change. 

Even tyre wear 

In addition, you can determine with the 1-Pound coin, whether your tyres are worn evenly. For example, abnormal wear can indicate an incorrect tyre pressure or that there is an issue with the wheel alignment. 

If you want to know for sure whether your tyres are still safe and have sufficient tread left, you can always come to our Tuna Garage workshop in Keyworth. 

We will check the tyres quickly for you - free of charge.