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Tyre Manufacturers - Nexen Tyres

Nexen tyres: quality from South Korea 

You might know the tyre brand Hankook from South Korea, but maybe you don't know much about the other well-established brand of this country yet - Nexen.  

Nevertheless, Nexen Tyre - as the company is officially called - also has a high-quality and price-friendly collection of summer tyres, winter tyres and also all-season tyres. 

Nexen: good value for money 

Nexen Tyre offers a balanced range of tyres for every season for passenger cars, light trucks and sporty SUVs. Nexen tyres are made using the latest technology and have an impressive price-quality ratio. 

Thanks to the special rubber composition based on an optimal mix of raw materials and the cleverly designed profiles, Nexen tyres perform optimally under all weather conditions. They quickly drain water and dirt. And even under extreme conditions, such as during hard braking or sudden avoidance manoeuvres, Nexen's tyres perform well. 

Nexen summer tyres 

Nexen has an extensive range of summer tyres. Do you need summer tyres for a compact city car, a luxury middle-class car or an SUV from the top segment? For each model, there are suitable summer tyres from Nexen, in different sizes. If you opt for Nexen, you choose not only for an attractive price, but also for a high-quality product. Because of the high-quality rubber composition and the special selection of profiles, Nexen summer tyres are the best summer tyres under your car in all weather conditions. 

In particular, we call the Nexen N6000 as a high-performance summer tyre. Also worth mentioning is the Nexen N8000. This ensures optimum driving characteristics and maximum grip. Then there is the Nexen N9000 XL, the high-performance summer tyre in the top segment. The Nexen N'Blue ECO has a reduced rolling resistance and therefore saves fuel and reduces emissions. Do you want high performance, low wear and low fuel consumption? The Nexen N'Blue HD is your band. With the N'Fera SU1, the South Korean tyre manufacturer has put a particularly good summer tyre on the market. This summer tyre is not inferior to the summer tyres of the larger and more expensive brands. 

Nexen winter tyres 

Winter tyres from Nexen guarantee you the best grip in wintery conditions. These winter tyres have an improved rubber composition by the addition of extra silica. The result? Even at extremely low temperatures they always remain smooth. The wide grooves in the profile ensure rapid drainage of water, snow and dirt. This greatly reduces the risk of aquaplaning. The braking distance in winter can be of vital importance. That is why Nexen paid extra attention to this in winter tyres. You can count on more control and grip on roads with lots of rain, snow or even ice. 

A few examples of excellent Nexen winter tyres we like to give you here. The Nexen Winguard 231 is very suitable for extreme winter conditions. If it becomes really heavy, it can also be provided with spikes. The Nexen Winguard Sport offers perfect road holding and maximum grip during the winter. Then we also have the Nexen Winguard SN. It keeps your car better controllable on winter roads. Together with the short braking distance, this Nexen winter tyre is a class of its own. 

Nexen - first settings 

Did you think Nexen was only big in the replacement market? Think again! Nexen is supplying tyres to a large number of car manufacturers like Dacia, Renault, Skoda, Volkswagen, Smart, Mitsubishi, Fiat, Hyundai and Kia. You'll find Nexen tyres on the following models: 

You see, opting for Nexen tyres might not be a bad idea. 

Please have a look at our website. With our easy to use search engine, you will find just the right tyres for you. 

You can order these great tyres directly, pay securely and even book a fitting appointment. 

If you have any specific questions, please get in touch with us. 

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Nexen Tyres Models

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