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Wheel Balancing

Benefits of balancing your car's wheels 

Prevents extra wear 

The road contact of your car is better 

No vibrating steering 

Better driving comfort 

Balancing of tyres and wheels 

What is balancing? 

Balancing ensures that the wheels are equally heavy around the circumference so that the car will not bump at higher speeds. In order to balance the rims, Tuna Garage has the latest, most advanced electronic equipment and knowledge in-house. The mechanics can see on the computer screen how much weight and where exactly they will have to place the weights to get the rims back in harmonious balance. With a well-balanced wheel, your road contact is much better. This promotes the safety and driving comfort of your car. Well-balanced also means cost savings, because extra wear is being prevented. 

When do you have to balance your wheels? 

Wheels are always balanced at Tuna Garage after mounting a new tyre. That is part of our service when fitting a new tyre.  

We also balance when the wheels are reassembled after a repair.  

Many of our customers also come to us for wheel balancing after hitting a curb or a pothole.  

You must immediately check the balance of the wheels when the first signs of vibration occur. We advise you to check the balance of your car when you experience one of the following problems. If you continue to drive, the imbalance will get worse. This does not benefit your driving comfort and safety. 

Common problems 

Slowly moving back and forth steering at low speeds (40 to 70 km / h) 

The tyre can seem to be more oval. This is usually no longer correctable with a balancing device. It is advisable to have the tyre replaced with a new one. 

Vibrating steering wheel or other parts in the interior at higher speeds.  

              This indicates an imbalance and can usually be resolved quickly by balancing.  

If you are experiencing any of these issues, please come to our Tuna Garage workshop in Keyworth. 

You don't need to book an appointment. Just come over, and we will sort it out for you. 

Please don't worry; wheel balancing is not a big job, so it will not cost you much. 

Wheel balancing- Keyworth - Tuna Garage