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Winter Tyres

Safe through the winter 

Is your car ready for the winter? Feel free to come along for a winter check; then we will check your car on all important points so you will get safely through the winter! 

Benefits of winter tyres 

Shorter braking distance than summer tires at temperatures below 7 ° C 

Better grip than summer tyres at temperatures below 7 ° C 

Better road handling than summer tyres at temperatures below 7 ° C 

Less wear on your summer tyres 

Winter tyres in the right season 

Winter tyres offer more safety on the road during winter conditions than su7mmer tyres. It is therefore wise to change summer tyres for winter tyres in the autumn and winter months. A winter tyre has a different rubber composition than a summer tyre. The structure is adapted to these weather conditions. When the temperature drops, rubber becomes harder. The modified rubber composition of a winter tyre remains flexible during wintery conditions. This way, you benefit from a better grip, more comfortable handling and optimum safety. 

The profile of the winter tyre also differs from the summer tyre. The tread is provided with 'slats'. During the rolling of the tyre, the profile deforms and the lamellas grip on the road surface. As a result, snow and rain are optimally discharged. 

When should I change from summer tyres to winter tyres? 

Our Tuna Garage experts advise fitting winter tyres at temperatures below 7 ° C.  

The profile of winter tyres is ideal for better drainage of rain, snow and ice. So even in wet weather conditions, winter tyres provide more grip and a shorter braking distance. 

Shorter braking distance with winter tyres 

Below 7 ° C winter tyres have a shorter braking distance than summer tyres. At a speed of 60 mph, you would get to a halt almost 4 metres earlier. 

 When there is snow, the braking distance of winter tyres is more than half shorter at a speed of 30 mph. You stand still 28 meters earlier. 

Note: The reaction speed and the time before the brake system is activated (swelling time) are not taken into account. 

Buy winter tyres 

Buy your new winter tyres easily online in our Tuna Garage webshop. You can search for the right tyres based on your tyre size. You should read this on the sidewalls of your current tyres or check your car's registration document (V5) so that you can be sure the tyres are right for your vehicle. We have many different brands and all regular sizes available for every budget. 

For personal advice, you are also always welcome in our Tuna Garage workshop in Keyworth! 

Tyre change 

If you still have summer tyres and you want to schedule a tyre change, you can also easily do this online. We always advise making an appointment for the busiest changing period (October / November). This way you avoid long waiting times, and you will be helped quickly. We always have emergency appointments available, so you don't need to worry. We will get it all sorted for you. Change takes about 30 minutes to an hour. In the meantime, just take a seat on our settee and relax with a cuppa... 

Tyre tips for the winter 

Check your tyre pressure regularly 

Save fuel and increase your safety with the right tyres 

Check that your car is aligned correctly (for more information, please have a look at our information page about wheel alignment). 

Any questions? Please call, send us an email or just come to see us at our workshop. 

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