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Welcome to Tuna Garage in Keyworth

On this page, we would like to provide you with some information about our vehicle maintenance services.

As you surely know, regular checks and maintenance work is essential in order to stay safe and to keep your car in good working order. This way you can also avoid hefty repair bills.

We offer two standard services for your vehicle:

1.The small maintenance service

During a small service, one of our Tuna Garage experts will check your car for all vital functions so that you will never be faced with unpleasant and expensive surprises at the wrong time.

With a small service, your car remains in optimal condition.

Accurate control of all points, so you can safely get on your way.

Depending on the type and age of your car, the current mileage and the number of miles you drive every year, our specialists will advise you on the correct maintenance of your car. Should it appear that parts have to be replaced, our Tuna Garage team will be happy to be of service to you. Of course, you always receive a quote in advance.

Control points of the small service:

Good and regular maintenance of your car is crucial.

During minor maintenance service all vital functions such as tyres, exhaust, battery, shock absorbers and brakes of your car are carefully examined. The lamps are checked and adjusted if necessary, liquids are refilled, and the oil and the oil filter are changed.

2. Full service/major maintenance service

During a major overhaul, various parts in, under and around the car and under the bonnet are carefully checked and replaced if necessary.

Control points of the full service:

With a major maintenance, your car is checked for more than 90 points. We replace the filters and spark plugs and replenish the liquids. Of course, we will change the oil. We also see if the timing belt needs to be replaced. We also check the exhaust, brakes, lights, shock absorbers and of course the tyres.

If it turns out that parts (subject to wear and tear) have to be replaced on your car, then our Tuna Garage team will provide you with an estimate and ask your permission to start work.

We would like to make it very clear that once you have received an estimate, this does not mean there is any obligation on your side.

You decide whether you would like us to go ahead with the work or you would prefer to wait or compare prices.

The maintenance specialists of Tuna Garage can carry out the required maintenance services according to the maintenance manuals of each vehicle brand and model with the help of advanced technical programs, equipment and training. We only use products that comply with all factory specifications.

When is which service due?

Please have a look at your car's maintenance booklet. There you can find the manufacturer's recommendations on when and which service needs to be carried out in order to keep it the vehicle in top condition (also very important to keep the warranty intact).

This is often a certain mileage or time frame. Following these recommendations, we can discover worn out parts or other deficiencies at an early stage so we can sort it out quickly.

If you don't have a service book or manual for your car, just get in touch with us.

The specialists at Tuna Garage will be more than happy to advise you on how best to maintain your car.

Our Tip:

Get the service done just before your annual MOT test. This way you can be sure, the vehicle will pass the test smoothly. You will save time and money.

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