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Car Tyres

On this page, we would like to give you a short overview of all things related to tyres. 

For more detailed information, please have a look at our more specific descriptions (for example wheel alignment, wheel balancing etc.) 

The condition of your tyres is more important than you think. 

Your safety and driving comfort is largely determined by the condition of your tyres. Tuna Garage in Keyworth is happy to advise you in making the right choice and guarantees a professional service. 

When do you need to replace the car tyres? 

How do you keep your tyres in good condition? 


Run-flat tyres. 

Why do you have to balance tyres? 

Why is the alignment of tyres sensible? 

Change tyres. 

Tyre disposal. 

Compare and order tyres in the Tuna Garage online tyre shop. 

When should you replace the tyres? 

Tyres have a maximum service life of six years. Due to dehydration and ageing, small cracks develop, and the grip of the rubber quickly deteriorates. For safety reasons, you should then replace the tyres. The age of tyres is indicated on the sidewall of a tyre. The last four digits of the so-called DOT code shows the production date. The code consists of four numbers; for example 1508. That means that the tyre was produced in week 15 of the year 2008. Durang a vehicle maintenance inspection the tyres are assessed on a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm. Furthermore, tyres on one axle must have the same size and carcass structure. Finally, they are also checked for damage and bulges. 

How do you keep your tyres in good condition? 

It is advisable to check the tyre pressure once a month. The tyres should not have been "warmed up" yet. You can find the recommended tyre pressure on the inside of the driver's door, in the owner's manual or on a sticker on the inside of the fuel filler flap. Different tyre pressures are required depending on usage. A heavily loaded car requires a higher tyre pressure than an "empty" car. Try to limit driving and descending curbs, speed bumps and other large unevennesses as much as possible. Keep an eye on the wear and tear of the profile. Check whether there is even wear. Is that not that the case? Then visit your Tuna Garage. 


Is your tyre is leaking or flat? In such a situation, Tuna Garage can usually repair and balance the tyre perfectly. That saves you another unwelcome expense. 

Run Flat tyres 

Some cars now have RunFlat tyres. With this tyre, you can continue for another 50 miles after it has been damaged. The walls of these run-flat tyres are so sturdy that you can easily get to your Tuna Garage workshop at a maximum speed of 50mph. 

The manufacturer of your car determines whether Run-flat tyres can be fitted. All cars equipped with RunFlat tyres have a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) on the dashboard. This system warns the driver as soon as there is a loss of pressure. If you want to replace RunFlat tyres with standard tyres, this is possible. 

Balancing tyres 

Well-balanced tyres are important for road holding and your driving comfort. Moreover, both the tyres and the wheel suspension wear out less quickly, and it saves you considerably in fuel consumption. If your steering wheel vibrates at a certain speed, there may be an imbalance in one or more wheels. If so, visit us to have your tires rebalanced again. 


Do you have the impression that your car is pulling to one side? The chances are that your car needs to be aligned. The wheels are then not straight in relation to the car. This distortion of the vehicle is not only uncomfortable while driving, but it also causes faster tyre wear and higher fuel consumption. Your Tuna Garage team can solve this problem in half an hour. We advise you to have your car aligned again in the following cases: 

Once a year or every 12,000 miles. 

After a collision. 

After replacing a wheel bearing. 

After the purchase of new tyres. 

After hitting a pit or curb. 

Disposal of your old tyres 

As you probably know, tyres cannot just be disposed of putting them into normal household waste. 

To take the hassle off you, we will dispose of your old tyres for you free of charge. 

Buy Tyres 

Compare and order tyres in the Tuna garage tyre shop 

You can order your new car tyres online safely, easily and quickly in our Tuna Garage tyre shop.  

To compare the correct tyres with each other, it is crucial that you enter the correct tyre size. On the sidewall of your current tyre is a combination of three numbers; the length, width and rim size. For example 205/45 / R16. 205 is the width of the tyre in mm, 45 in height in mm and R16 in the diameter of your rim in inches. You need this information to place an order.  

If you need any help choosing/ordering your new tyres, please get in touch with us. 

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