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Mot Test

Tuna Garage in Keyworth provides a professional and comprehensive MOT test for Class 4 and 7 vehicles (cars and light commercial vehicles) using our fully equipped testing facilities.

All our MOT tests are carried out in strict accordance with VOSA guidelines. The purpose of the MOT is to ensure that your vehicle meets the minimum safety level required by law and are compulsory for all vehicles when they reach 3 years old. Without a valid MOT test certificate, you won’t be able to tax your car and your car insurance will get invalidated

Many people don’t know that you can have your test conducted up to 30 days before it expires and still preserve the anniversary of its current date. So, to book your MOT test at Tuna Garage please feel free to call us or email our team. If you are unsure as to the expiry date of your current MOT, you can access this information providing you have your V5 registration document details to hand by following this link

During your MOT test we will check for your vehicles safety, roadworthiness and exhaust emissions. The test does not cover the condition of the engine, gearbox or clutch.

What we will test…

Body, structure and general items

We will check the state of your vehicle. It has to be without any major corrosion and damage in specific areas.

Fuel system

During a fuel system check we will look for leaks and make sure your vehicle’s fuel cap is fastened and securely sealed.


Emissions must be within the advised legal limit and will be inspected according to fuel type and vehicle age. The system will be also be checked for excessive black or blue smoke emitted.

An exhaust inspection will be done by our experts to make sure it is secure, without any serious leaks and is not too noisy.

Seats and seat belts

Your vehicle’s front seats will be examined as they must be secure; it has to be possible to get the back seats into the straight-up position. All seatbelts will also be examined thoroughly.


The MOT test checks the condition, operation, security and colour of your vehicles front lights, rear lights and brake lights. Fog lights, indicators and the registration plate lights will all be inspected.

The tester will also look at the warning light for the main beam and the aim of the headlamp.

Doors, bonnet and tailgate

All the doors of the vehicle must be able to lock properly when being closed. Driver- and passenger doors must be able to get opened from the inside and also from the outside. The boot door only from outside. The bonnet and the tailgate must both be properly secured when being shut.


The horn must be present, functioning effectively and of a vehicle specific type.

Number plates

Must be securely fitted at the front and also at the rear end of the car and must be clearly visible from a 20 metre distance . The plates will be checked for condition, security, colour and characters being correctly formed and spaced.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

A vin/chassis number must be visible on the vehicle screen, or etched on the body or chassis of the vehicle.


It is a requirement for a speedometer to be fitted. We will check that there are no faults and that it is sufficiently illuminated.


We will check that all wiring is secure and not damaged. The battery must not show any leakages and must be fixed securely.

Steering and suspension

Steering and suspension must be of a satisfactory condition and operation. These will be tested and inspected for wear or damage. Power steering fluid levels will also be checked.


We will carry out an inspection of the overall condition of the brake system; including performance and operation checks as well as the condition of the brakes.

Tyres and wheels

All wheels and tyres (including the spare wheel/tyre) will be looked at for correct size, tread depth, security, and type.

Mirrors and wipers

Mirrors must be secure giving adequate views to the rear and side. Wipers and washers must work effectively.


This has to be examined for any stone chips, cracks etc., making sure that there is a undisturbed view.

After completion of the MOT testing, you will be issued with a VT20 certificate if the vehicle has passed - or with a so called VT30 certificate if the vehicle has failed. This will list the items that are causing your MOT failure.

Please note, if your old MOT test has already expired, you are no longer allowed to drive the vehicle – not even from the garage to your home.

If your vehicle does fail its MOT test, then all issues will need to be rectified. If you decide to let our Tuna Garage team carry out the necessary repairs, our MOT tester will carry out the re-test for you free of charge.

Thank you for visiting our MOT page, we look forward to speaking to you.

Your Tuna Garage Team